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07.08.19 -- 23andMe Wants To Solve The Patient Recruitment Problem


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Featured Editorial
23andMe Wants To Solve The Patient Recruitment Problem
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

Developing cures for many diseases will require research into genetic data of the type 23andMe is collecting. The company is also collecting user information via voluntary surveys by asking users several questions every time they log on. The company now has, on average, over 350 data points (which 23andMe calls phenotypic information) on each customer. This information is helping the company match patients to trials.

Patient Technology Adoption In Clinical Trials: 4 Barriers Holding Us Back
By Matthew Moyer, director, clinical supply technology, Merck

Patient-facing digital technologies — also referred to as patient technology (PT) — have the potential to make a significant impact on the clinical research environment. PT includes any digital technology patients interact with to participate in clinical trial activities. When implemented effectively, these technologies can enhance patients’ experiences and engagement, streamline clinical trial processes, and enable better, more robust data collection in clinical trials.

Industry Insights
3 Strategies For Integrating Flexibility Into Clinical Supply Chain Planning
White Paper | By Tracy Chase, Bellwyck Pharma Services

Sometimes, clinical trials fail do not succeed because of incomplete planning and a lack of contingencies for when circumstances change. So, how do you plan for unanticipated obstacles that may affect the clinical supply chain and, ultimately, the outcome of your trial?

How Virtual Trials Support Patient-Centricity
White Paper | By Jennifer Dennis-Wall, Ph.D., Sumit Bajracharya, MBA, and Thi Nguyen, Biorasi

In this digital age, virtual trials may very well become the norm at some point in the future, but there are many questions to answer before this can become a reality. In this white paper, we propose how virtual trials may be able to solve all these issues at once while also providing the added benefit of reducing costs related to study sites.

Meeting The Challenge Of Appropriate Safety Report Distribution During Clinical Trials
White Paper | By Kristy Fusco, MLD, WCG

How to bring efficiency back to the review process and to ensure that investigators are spending their time where it matters most, with the study participants.

Spotlight On Quality In Study Start-Up
White Paper | Oracle Health Sciences

This white paper addresses the growing interest in quality in clinical trial execution and how workflows play an essential role by building in the steps needed to comply with TMF guidelines and reducing downstream problems. This proactive strategy limits issues caused by siloes, yielding process improvements measurable by performance metrics.

Total Transportation Management Saves Company $10.2 Million
Case Study | Thermo Fisher Scientific

A leading multinational pharmaceutical company approached Fisher Clinical Services with an extensive clinical trial pipeline and the need to achieve a comprehensive, fully managed transportation strategy. Learn more about our outsourced transportation option that delivered tangible results.

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