Newsletter | February 1, 2023

02.01.23 -- 4-Step Checklist For Recruiting/Retaining Trial Managers


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Decentralized Trials
How One Pharma Company Is Embracing Digital Technologies

The increased demand for hybrid and decentralized approaches to clinical trials has increased the use of digital devices and other tools that will make studies more patient-centric. Sanofi is one of the companies leading the way in getting devices into the hands of patients.

Lessons Learned For Better Planning Of Decentralized Clinical Trials

Planning a decentralized clinical trial brings with it new challenges to overcome. Learn how to navigate this novel approach designed with a custom virtual ecosystem to satisfy both study and patient needs.

Powering Your Digital, Hybrid, And Decentralized Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic ignited the shift toward new clinical trial approaches and technologies. Explore what's available to help you adopt these new clinical trial approaches at your organization.

10 Reasons To Use PCM Trials Mobile Research Nurses

When considering the criteria that are most important to your trial success, PCM Trials comes out as a preferred partner time and time again.

Trial Management
The 4-Step Checklist For Small Biopharmas To Recruit And Retain Clinical Trial Managers

Talent shortage is causing a backlog in clinical studies. One position critical to helping ease this jam is clinical trial managers, who serve as the primary organizer and supervisor over the trial. If you work at a small biopharma company, this article is for you.

Key Considerations For An Effective Commercial Strategy

Find out the questions sponsors can ask to ensure they have the best chance to develop an asset with commercial potential.

The Role Of The Global Central Laboratory In Successful CDx Development

Explore how precision medicine has embraced companion diagnostics as one way to ensure that targeted therapies can be appropriately administered to the right patient with some degree of assurance following clinical validity.

Clinical Trials Separate The Signal From The Noise
Avi Kulkarni, senior vice president of research and development at Cognizant, speaks about the trajectory and growth of the shared investigator platform, the history and impact of biomarkers in clinical trial conducts, and the personal insights from his 30-year career.
Tips For Maintaining Quality Research Amidst The “Great Resignation”
Up to five million Americans have left their jobs during the ‘Great Resignation’ and that number is still growing. You can’t control the labor pool, but you can learn the steps to take to maintain quality research.
Optimizing Clinical Supply Chain Management In Clinical Trials

In this webinar, clinical operations teams, project managers, and clinical research coordinators will learn best practices to optimize clinical supply chain management.

Elligo's Solutions For Sponsors

Only Elligo Health Research® offers customizable PatientSelect® and SiteSelect service models and proprietary technology to empower and enable research in diagnostics, drugs, biologics, and devices in all phases and indications.

Cell And Gene Therapy Solutions: Basic Research To Practical Applications

Discover CMIC's services from basic research to practical applications in the cell and gene landscape.

Supporting Your Complex Immuno-Oncology Trials

IQVIA Biotech offers extensive immuno-oncology (IO) expertise that spans across multiple treatment modalities and numerous indications across hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.