Newsletter | December 5, 2022

12.05.22 -- 5 Ways To Expand Racial & Ethnic Diversity In Trials


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Patient Centricity
5 Ways To Expand Racial And Ethnic Diversity In Clinical Trials

Between 2000 and 2020, nearly 80% of clinical trial participants were white. The underrepresentation of diverse racial and ethnic groups is not new, but we must do more to address disparities. Here are five strategies for action.

Commitment To Patient Centricity And Diversity: The Key Ingredients

A patient-centric approach results in trial participants who are more likely to both consent for and complete a clinical study. Read more about recent changes in industry requirements and some of the important patient-centric techniques and strategies that are gaining visibility across the industry.

Patient Centricity By Design

In making the transition to decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), learn ways to gather insights on patient preferences and apply them to the design and delivery phases of a study to drive efficiency and improved patient engagement.

DCT And Health Disparities: Insights From A Patient Advocate
Basile Trimbur, Kayentis medical assistant, interviews Trishna Bharadia, health advocate and patient engagement advisor, on decentralized clinical trials and their impact on health disparities.
Collaborate With THREAD On Patient-Centered Study Delivery

THREAD gives you access to our comprehensive study analytics capabilities, including easy-to-use dashboards that allow your study team to stay on top of all study activities at a glance.

  Virtual Event  
Webinar: Hard-Earned Lessons From Clinical Trial Implementations

How can companies implement new clinical software and technologies more effectively? And how can they avoid common pitfalls? Join Clinical Leader Live as we feature a panel of experts to share their insights, best practices, and real-world examples of what has and hasn’t worked. This event is free to attend thanks to the support of Medrio.

Patient Recruitment
How CVS, Walgreens, And Walmart Will Improve Clinical Trial Recruitment

A new development could potentially change the patient recruitment challenge. In 2022, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart officially entered the clinical trials space. The patient access capabilities of all three organizations may change the way drug developers access patients while also solving the patient diversity problem.

How Call Centers Can Improve Patient Recruitment And Retention

Do you recruit patients for clinical trials? If the answer is yes, then how do you reach potential participants? Call centers can be a great resource for patients not only in the recruiting process but also throughout the clinical trial.

Minimizing Hurdles For Patients During The eConsent Process

The proliferation of both patient-centric and hybrid clinical trials has created a need for more individualized, simplified, accessible processes involving trial participants.

myMedidata: Medidata's Patient Portal

Medidata has almost a decade of experience working with patient-focused technologies to virtualize clinical trials. This includes managing more than 15,000 enrolled patients on one of the largest virtual clinical trials ever conducted.

Clinical Sites
4 Strategies For Sponsors To Tackle Clinical Trial Talent Shortages

In the first quarter of 2022, more than 50% of sites cited staffing as their top issue. This lack of personnel impacts all aspects of the clinical trial process. As a sponsor, creating a lasting solution calls for working together with your CRO and the site to overcome the hiring challenges. However, there are small measures you can take independently. This article shares four key strategies.

Slope For Sites

Slope provides an eClinical supply chain management platform to help sites stay on top of their clinical supplies and ensure they are ready for patient visits.