Newsletter | May 25, 2023

05.25.23 -- A Flexible, Cost-Efficient Way To Manage Clinical Trials Around The Globe

Overcoming Inventory Challenges For A Complex, Global Study

A CRO customer and a clinical sponsor both lacked an unblinded supply management role to oversee interactive response technologies (IRT) platform supply strategies and monitor clinical supply inventory levels. Examine how the IRT settings were optimized and the burden of managing the study’s complex global supply needs was removed.

Clinical Supply Planning For Studies With Unconventional Timelines

Drug sponsors aiming to save time, reduce costs, and accelerate therapeutics to market are considering conducting studies that deviate from standard timelines. Learn how unconventional clinical trials impact the supply chain, the role a CDMO can play in facilitating these trials, and the possible risks of such studies.

Risk Mitigation In Direct-To-Patient Clinical Trials

While a well-planned direct-to-patient (DTP) model can help alleviate risks in patient enrollment (including diversity), retention, and adherence to overall study timelines and budgets, this model can prove to be more complex to get started than the traditional model. Explore how to ease trial troubles through DTP studies.

Global Advantage With Free Trade Zones In China

Free trade zones offer many advantages for customers interested in clinical trial supply. Learn more about how free trade zones work and explore a flexible and cost-efficient way to supply clinical trials in China and around the globe.

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