Newsletter | September 23, 2022

09.23.22 -- A Guide To Better Use Of Clinical Trial Sensor Data


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Trial Monitoring
How Can Pharma Build Trust In Connected Sensors?

The growth in the use of connected sensors in clinical trials has been nothing short of astounding. An estimated 275 million wearables shipped globally in 2021 and that number is projected to double in the next four to five years. For the use of sensors to continue to grow in clinical trials, pharma will need to develop more trust in them.

Five Guidelines For Writing A Useful Clinical Monitoring Report

Site monitoring report usefulness extends beyond simply checking a box on the compliance checklist. A well-written report shouldn’t be an afterthought but should be an integral part of the site visit.

Drive Efficiencies And Speed For Your Site With Secure, Remote Monitoring

Medidata Remote Source Review is a cloud-based solution that rapidly and remotely enables sites to upload critical documents for off-site review by assigned monitors. Remote Source Review automates document workflows to the right monitor for the right study and site.

Clinical Data Management & Analytics
Your Guide To Harnessing Clinical Trial Sensor Data Better

Technological advances in wearables and sensors are speeding the development of digital measures and endpoints. This sensor data is often in native formats unique to each sensor technology and in proprietary clouds owned by the manufacturer. To address this challenge, the Digital Medicine Society released a set of open-access toolkits to support the successful scaling of sensor data to drive better clinical decisions.

Benefits Of Leveraging RWD To Conduct Long-Term Follow Up

In this webinar, panelists discuss how connecting sources of real-world data (RWD) to clinical trials enables many benefits, including the ability to supplement data for patients lost to follow up and augment trial data to help explain nonresponders and adverse events.

Is Life Sciences Ready For Post-Pandemic Transformation?

Preparing for the next era of clinical development and therapy commercialization, companies must choose: move forward with innovations spurred by the pandemic or retrench into default practices.

Time To Hire A Data Strategist

Your clinical research team has a talent gap, and it could be slowing your ability to bring new drugs to market. That gap is a clinical research data strategist.

RWD Solutions

With Citeline’s RWD Solutions, access age, race, and gender demographics to make the most informed and educated decisions toward establishing a diverse patient population. 

Signals Line Listing Review

The pace, complexity, and volume of data being generated means that medical monitors, safety review teams, data managers, and others working with clinical data need interactive solutions that enable real-time analysis and faster decision-making. Learn how Signals Line Listing Review enables clinical study teams to review, query, and track the status of their line listings in a collaborative, centralized, and scalable environment.