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7.27.11 -- A Simple, Nonleaching, Blocking, Protein-Free Immunoassay

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A Simple, Nonleaching, Blocking, Protein-Free Immunoassay: New Insight For Immunoassay Developers
By Yanhe Tong, Ph.D. and Linglong Zou, Ph.D.

As a gold standard bioanalytical methodology, immunoassays are widely used to support biopharmaceutical development. Despite various improvements in assay technology in the last 30 years, it remains a major challenge to maintain low assay background, especially when running an immunoassay with biological samples.
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Adaptive Study Design
Traditional clinical trials, in which a protocol is designed according to certain assumptions and strictly followed throughout the study, have numerous inefficiencies. Because there is no opportunity for researchers to adapt a protocol to reflect their increasing understanding of a drug as a trial progresses, the outcome may be inconclusive if the initial assumptions prove incorrect. Read more.

Social Media's Impact On Clinical Trial Enrollment
Human clinical trials play a pivotal role in the development of all new prescription drugs and treatments. At present, there are more than 4,000 experimental new drugs in various stages of clinical development. And, at any given time, 70,000 clinical research studies are in progress. Read more.

Q&A: The Evolving Role Of Pharmacovigilance
New global regulations have forced the concept of pharmacovigilance to expand beyond just identifying adverse events. Today pharmacovigilance is on the minds of every pharma and bio executive, and it starts earlier in the drug development process. Read more.

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ZetWALLET Packaging System
The ZetWALLET Packaging System is a re-closable end-user pack for tablet blisters. It combines the advantages of an all-enclosed folding carton with those of a wallet pack. Read more.

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The co-located 9th MSL Best Practices and 14th Investigator Initiated Trials conferences have a long history of offering targeted and highly valuable for MSL, IIT, Medical Affairs, and related professionals. Both conferences share networking breaks, luncheons, and receptions.