White Paper

Adaptive Design: Addressing Pharma's Productivity Crisis

Source: Health Decisions Inc.

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical development productivity has dropped remarkably, even in the face of rapidly escalating investments. A leading cause of this disappointing productivity is the traditional approach to development: a linear, sequential series of steps punctuated by substantial pauses and a high risk of failure that is discovered only after substantial expenditures.

Adaptive trial designs are the latest advancement in clinical development, reducing timelines and eliminating wasted resources while ensuring an effective pathway to regulatory approval. Before implementing an adaptive design, sponsors must first understand the range of available options, and best practices and considerations for each, to develop an adaptive program that will meet and exceed development goals.

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  • Top 10 key adaptive design techniques
  • Benefits and caveats of adaptive design
  • Important regulatory considerations
  • Case studies comparing adaptive studies to traditional studies