Article | July 9, 2018

Advances In Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Development

Source: Q2 Solutions
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By Wayne Hogrefe, Ph.D., D (ABMLI), Vice President, Q2 Solutions; Sorika van Niekerk MSc, UP, SA, Senior Director, Q2 Solutions; Ayaskant Pany, M.D., Director, Q2 Solutions

Advances In Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Development

Vaccine development is a long process that can take 10 or more years and involves public and private funding. Vaccines revenues are estimated to grow to 5.7 billion USD by 2019 from 3.3 billion USD in 2014, at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8%. Much of this growth comes from rising disease prevalence, the increasing number of government immunization programs, and increased investment in vaccine development. Emerging threats such as the Zika and Ebola viruses also drive increased investment. The preventive vaccines segment is expected to register the highest growth rate.

Seasonal flu vaccine development is designed to protect against the top three to four strains researchers expect to be most likely in circulation for the upcoming flu season. Keeping track of the flu, and subsequently providing the earth’s population with the specific vaccines needed to protect them from it, requires a combination of precision tools, carefully managed processes and high caliber expertise. As circulating influenza strains are constantly changing from year to year, vaccine composition requires yearly review and updating.

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