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06.17.19 -- AI Speeds Patient Recruitment At Health Quest

Featured Editorial
AI Speeds Patient Recruitment At Health Quest
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to disrupt and revolutionize many aspects of clinical trials. One area in which it is already making an impact is patient recruitment. Mining electronic medical records (EMRs) for patients meeting inclusion and exclusion criteria can be tedious and time-consuming work, but it is a chore that seems ideal for an AI solution.

What Is Taking So Long For Meaningful Interoperability In Clinical Research?
By Alethea Wieland, founder and president, Clinical Research Strategies, LLC

Three decades ago, when I entered the profession of clinical research, our workplace equipment extended to typewriters, white-out, mimeographs, hand-written documents, rubber erasers, pens, label makers, and fax and copy machines. Rows of massive, locked, fire-proof filing cabinets storing millions of papers for a nationally funded research program lined record rooms, hallways, and every spare corner of the offices. Most of us felt rewarded when we could use a typewriter with a correction key despite one’s typing skills being firmly judged by the illegible mistakes in the carbon copies.

Industry Insights
Drug Pooling: A Strategy To Significantly Reduce Overages
Article | By Stefan Dürr, Cenduit LLC

With the continued modernization and complexity of clinical trials in which a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work, it is important to understand the growing trend of drug pooling.

The Treacherous Study Startup Journey
Article | By Craig Morgan, Oracle Health Sciences

With spiraling costs and increasing stakeholder demands, it’s critical that studies get off to the right start.

The Quintessential Guide To Planning A Successful Clinical Trial
White Paper | By Michelle Bousquet, Ph.D., Biorasi

Clinical trials are complex undertakings, with complex planning required. Success or failure is often determined long before the trial even gets underway. Biorasi’s quintessential guide to clinical trial planning helps program managers and operations directors identify and resolve the sticking points that can risk the timely completion of their clinical trials and programs.

Best Practices For Managing A Global Clinical Supply Chain
Article | Thermo Fisher Scientific

At a time when bringing a drug from laboratory to licensure takes $900 million and up to 16 years, pharmaceutical companies seeking solutions — including cost-savings and rapid patient recruitment — have made China and India the top-ranked locations in the world for off-shore clinical trials.

Optimizing Protocol Design And Enhancing Patient Enrollment
Case Study | Covance

An emerging biopharmaceutical company was designing a Phase 2 trial in patients who had Type 2 diabetes, Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), and macroalbuminuria. They were uncertain about how to balance the selection of the right patients for their trial endpoints with the ability to achieve rapid subject recruitment

Innovative Clinical Supply Solutions: Cold Chain
Case Study | Catalent

With our team of packaging experts and extensive cold chain capabilities, this case study discusses the creation of a custom packaging and distribution solution to meet this client’s unique needs. Through our partnership, the product was successfully packaged in sufficient quantity and on time for the Phase 1 trial.

Evolving Oncologic Development In The Decade Ahead
Q&A | ICON Plc

Expert insights into transforming the oncology pipeline.

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