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Analytics And Metrics Help Pinpoint Costs Of Study Startup

Source: Oracle Health Sciences
Analytics And Metrics Help Pinpoint Costs Of Study Startup

The clinical trials sector has done a good job tracking costs associated with study execution, but costs linked to study startup are conspicuously absent. Identified costs are almost exclusively tied to study execution, and rarely include details on the hefty costs incurred early on, namely those tied to study startup and site overhead.

With nearly half of clinical trial costs unaccounted for, including known administrative costs, and much of those linked to study startup, it is telling that the industry is finally moving toward identifying those costs with the help of purpose-built tools that can determine, with a high degree of accuracy, when it is time to stop identifying sites. Integrated workflow-driven solutions for study startup, allow stakeholders to gain insight at a granular level into how a study  process is unfolding and the associated costs, which empowers life science organizations to move beyond milestones rooted in sequential processes in favor of a faster-moving parallel method to streamlining startup timelines.

Download this white paper "Analytics and Metrics Help Pinpoint Costs of Study Startup" to learn how by embracing a systematic, data-driven approach, it is possible for metrics to identify more accurately the best sites, steps causing delays, the associated costs, and why this is happening.