Newsletter | January 31, 2023

01.31.23 -- Astellas SVP Shares DCT Tech Learnings


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Clinical Trial Technology
What Astellas Has Learned About Decentralized Trials

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, many companies were unprepared for the changes that were about to impact their studies. Astellas is one company that was better prepared than most. The company had initiated a formalized, internal project on decentralized clinical trial (DCT) technologies and their use in clinical trials about nine months prior to the pandemic.

Enabling Regulatory Support For eSource

Delve into an illustration of how robust EDC systems fully support the operational requirements introduced by the decision to leverage eSource data.

Are You Ready For Fully Remote eCOA In Your Next DCT Trial?

Watch to learn how you can build a better data management and compliance monitoring plan for your COAs in your next DCT trial.

A Day In The Life Of A Clinical Research Coordinator

Data entry is a big part of everyday life for most CRCs. Discover the data collection process that eliminates entry errors.

How Heron Therapeutics Sped Up Database Creation

Electronic data capture (EDC) is straightforward, in theory. However, not every EDC system is purpose-designed for ease of use by study teams, and some are easier to use and more intuitive than others.

eClinical Supply Chain Management Platform Requirements

Administering a clinical research study comes with considerable risks to achieving a successful trial. Find out how these risks are caused by challenges involving data integrity, budget overruns, collaborator productivity, and subject retention.

CRIO eConsent: Never Miss Another Reconsent

CRIO eConsent is unique. It checks whether patients have executed the most recent informed consent at the outset of each visit.

Vault CTMS Risk-Based Study Management

Sponsors and CROs can assess and mitigate risks at the study, country, and site levels, with configurable workflows embedded directly within Vault CTMS and unified with Vault eTMF.

IQVIA Complete Consent

IQVIA Complete Consent combines a friendly, feature-rich technology platform that patients and sites are eager to use, with the powerful, scalable, operational infrastructure that sponsors need to make global implementations successful.