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Edge Payments–the industry’s only global site payment technology that’s driven by EDC. With Medidata Payments, you’ll get the value of using a unified, cloud-based platform solution to pay your sites.

If making payments to clinical research sites is a constant headache, it’s time to quit using legacy technology. You need a single solution that’s compatible to pay all your sites across the globe and scalable to use across all your studies. That’s why we’ve introduced Medidata Payments—a new way to pay clinical research sites. It’s a unified, cloud-based technology that makes site payments as easy as payroll. Your accounting department doesn’t skip paychecks or miscalculate wages and taxes, and now your clinical finance team doesn’t have to either.

  • Shortens payment cycle times. Medidata Payments connects to your EDC system out-of-the-box, which automatically triggers payment calculation when site work is complete. Only a payment solution that knows when site staff enters data in EDC can close the window from when work is completed to reimbursement received.
  • Manages global payment complexities. Our solution can tackle country-specific nuances, no matter where your sites are located. It calculates and disburses payments anywhere across the globe.
  • Provides financial accountability. With the ability to export your investigator payment records, you’ll have all the data needed to meet global transparency reporting requirements. Our unified solution offers better data, accurate reconciliation and the accounting information you need.

Global operations make Edge Payments the industry’s top choice.

Medidata’s payment centers of excellence is located in London. Our innovative solution was designed in collaboration with sponsors, CROs and sites around the globe to ensure a unified experience for all. Our fund transfers are trusted globally—they are powered by a leading payroll provider with expertise in sending payments to banks worldwide.

Edge Payments for CROs

Edge Payments is a cloud-based solution build with configurability at its core and can be tailored to the unique requirements of any client’s study. Edge Payments is a fit-for-purpose payment technology that can be used alongside any service model. The value it provides will improve your win ratio and increase client retention.





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