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06.13.12 -- Benefits Of Integrated Technology In Clinical Trials; Same Day Clinical Test Results; Challenges Of Maintaining Biospecimens

Clinical Leader
The Benefits Of Using Integrated Technology In Clinical Trials
By Neil Warnock, MD, MBA, MS, Chief Medical Officer, The eClinical Agency
By Neil Warnock, MD, MBA, MS, Chief Medical Officer, The eClinical Agency The cost of clinical trial operations are continuously being evaluated for ways to achieve greater efficiency while reducing expenses. Many biopharma companies, now more than ever, focus on containing costs while maintaining quality.
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Same Day Lab Test Results For Clinical Trials

Same Day Lab Test Results For Clinical Trials

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the use of point of care diagnostic tools in pharmaceutical clinical trials at investigator sites. Blinded Diagnostics has direct experience with the sourcing, protocol development, training, and application of these unique diagnostic tools. Learn more about the time- and cost-saving advantages of point of care here at Clinical Leader or at Visit us at Booth 1950 at DIA.

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eClinical Trial Auditing Quality And Compliance
Effective auditing of eClinical trials provides objective evidence to sponsors and supervisory agencies that trial data has been collected according to established policies and procedures — safeguarding data quality, security, and privacy. In this article, PHT director of quality management and compliance, Rod Thorell, and Laura Araujo, senior consultant of quality management at Halloran Consulting Group, discuss the importance of auditing, explain how it is conducted, and review contemporary issues of auditing. Read more.

Same Day Clinical Test Results
Clinical trials that are designed to evaluate the efficacy of novel pharmaceuticals require a variety of diagnostic tests to be performed on all enrolled patients. Read more.

Managing Biospecimens And Biorepositories
In the context of clinical research centers, the nature of biospecimen management is considerably more complex than the prospective banking of discarded tissues. There are several additional requirements and challenges.  Read more.

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Fast Track Development For Early Phase Studies Video

Fast Track Development For Early Phase Studies Video

PRA's Arnoud Huisman, VP of early development services, explains the advantages and details of how to utilize fast track development in early-phase studies to help sponsors accelerate the time between First in Human to Proof of Concept.



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Clinical Research
Located on the campus of Cauvery Medical Centre in Bangalore, India, the 72-bed clinical facility contains separate areas for subject screening and blood draws, an on-site pharmacy, and a state-of-the-art, fully equipped intensive care unit. Read more.
Regulatory Consulting And Review
Camargo's expertise in regulatory affairs and submissions runs the drug development services gamut: pre-IND and IND preparation and submissions; pre- and post-IND and NDA meetings with the FDA; and the preparation and submission of NDAs, ANDAs, and 505(b)(2) NDAs. Read more.
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