Newsletter | October 25, 2022

10.25.22 -- Break Through The Complexity Of Clinical Trials With An eClinical Platform


From site identification to close-out, clinical document processes and operational oversight are complex. Utilizing electronic trial solutions can simplify clinical operations by expediting timelines, enabling collaboration, improving quality, and capturing the full story of the study, thereby ensuring inspection readiness and passing results.

Rapid Adoption: Why Sponsors And CROs Are Racing To Implement A Connected eTMF-CTMS

In this webinar, Trial Interactive's clinical trial experts explore the rapid adoption of a connected CTMS-eTMF. Watch to find out why CTMS-eTMF integration has increasingly become imperative for sponsors and CROs around the world.

The CTMS Gap: Improving The CTMS Experience For Study Teams

Study managers and CRAs want to be able to see timelines, visualize critical data, and have confidence in their ability to stay compliant. They want the system to provide a guided, automated path for task completion. How do we close the gap?

Best Practices For Preparing For Your TMF Inspection

Ever since the pandemic made on-site inspections challenging across most of the world, remote inspections have become vital to keeping studies moving forward. In this article, discover how remote inspections change the way we prepare for inspections and how this addresses the new challenges a remote inspection could bring.

The eTMF Implementation Checklist: Plan For Success

In Trial Interactive's first C3 Study Sessions webinar, eClinical experts show you which primary considerations to focus on to reduce risks, maintain compliance, establish effective processes, and establish inspection readiness in your eTMF right from the start.

CTMS Implementation Checklist

Whether you are implementing a clinical trial management system (CTMS) for the first time or replacing your legacy CTMS, the process necessitates intensive detail and planning. Learn how to prioritize and plan to establish effective processes and streamline global study management.