Newsletter | September 15, 2020

09.15.20 -- Can We Do More To Help Investigator Sites Through Challenging Times?

Five Easy Investigator Payment Fixes To Improve Site Relations

Investigator sites are absorbing extra costs during the pandemic to keep trials moving. This white paper shares what sponsors can do to relieve some of the financial burden.

Top 10 Global Pharma Company Dramatically Improves Site Payments In Drive To Become Sponsor Of Choice

Conducting a trial with a sponsor of choice is more important to sites than ever. See how a pharma company reduced investigator payment cycle time by 55 percent while decreasing their own administrative burden by 90 percent in this metrics-rich case study.

Remote Consent: Adjusting To The New Normal In Clinical Trials

When patient consent must be obtained at home or in the hospital, monitoring compliance can become a time-consuming procedure for sites and sponsors. There is a better way! Learn more in this 30-minute on-demand webinar.

Best Practices For Site Communications During COVID-19

Sponsors, CROs, and sites are pivoting and adjusting to an environment requiring study start-up and conduct to be much more remote. Find out how to use multifunctional study portals effectively to minimize disruptions to trial operations.