Brochure | June 25, 2019

Clinical One™ Randomization And Supplies Management Cloud Service

Source: Oracle Health Sciences

Randomization and supply management is critical to any clinical trial. But traditionally, it has put a painful lag on the overall efficiency of the process. What if you could take back control and get things done in a matter of days, instead of weeks?

Designed for Today’s Trial Complexity

Trial design complexity has increased exponentially in recent years, putting strain on old, outdated, randomization and supply management systems. Waiting for weeks to get a trial set up and deployed, or to have changes made, is simply no longer acceptable. Today’s study teams require a  solution that is flexible, self-service, and on-demand.

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One™ Randomization and Supplies Management Cloud Service is a versatile solution. Study teams can manage studies themselves in real-time through the 100% self-service platform and intuitive user interface of Clinical One – from initial study design and start-up, to mid-study changes – or; they can leverage the vast experience of Oracle’s team to assist with the design, build and deployment of their studies. Having these options enables organizations to focus on their expertise and get studies up and running as quickly as possible.