Datasheet | February 12, 2012

Clinical Pharmacology Datasheet

Source: ICON

The clinical pharmacology team at ICON Development Solutions (ICON) has extensive experience in the design, study conduct and interpretation of clinical pharmacology studies across all major therapeutic areas. In particular, ICON has a strong reputation in high science approaches to clinical development, including a full suite of pharmacodynamic markers. ICON applies this scientific and operational excellence across all elements of your clinical pharmacology program.

ICON provides the full suite of clinical pharmacology studies including all elements of a regulatory package program, as well as translational early efficacy indication solutions. ICON has proven experience in:

  • First-In-Human, Dose Escalation, PK, PD
  • Multiple Dose Studies
  • Drug Interaction Studies
  • Bioavailability, Bioequivalence
  • Pharmacodynamic Studies
  • Biomarkers, Imaging
  • Thorough QTC Studies
  • Phase I-IIa Patient Studies
  • Special Population Studies
  • Diabetic Clamp Studies