Newsletter | July 28, 2022

07.28.22 -- Clinical Supply Management: From Sourcing To Direct-To-Patient Studies

Risk Mitigation In Direct-To-Patient Clinical Trials

The direct-to-patient (DTP) model can help mitigate risks in patient enrollment (including diversity), patient retention, and adherence to overall study timelines and budget. Explore how to mitigate risk in DTP studies.

Comparator Sourcing: Approaches, Considerations, And Impacts

Pharmaceutical companies face a number of challenges when sourcing comparator compounds for clinical trials, including addressing product lead times, availability, expiry limitations, safety, or cost. Review how clinical trial sponsors can determine the best strategy to meet these challenges.

Clinical Supply Management: Overcoming Inventory Challenges For A Complex, Global Study

A CRO customer and clinical sponsor both lacked an unblinded supply management role to oversee interactive response technologies (IRT) platform supply strategies and monitor clinical supply inventory levels.

The Value Of Specialized Expertise For Efficient Management Of Clinical Supply Budgets

A financial project analyst (FPA) plays a critical role in clinical trial supply and budget management. In this Q&A, Christin Lau, financial project analyst, discusses how sponsors can benefit from having this specialist on their supply partner's team.