Newsletter | February 7, 2023

02.07.23 -- Clinical Supply: Reducing Risk For Late Phase Delays

Comparator Sourcing: Approaches, Considerations, And Impacts

Pharmaceutical companies face a number of challenges when sourcing comparator compounds for clinical trials, including addressing product lead times, availability, expiry limitations, safety, or cost. Review how clinical trial sponsors can determine the best strategy to meet these challenges.

Optimizing Resupply To Reduce Risk Of Late-Phase Delays

Thoroughly planned resupply strategies and carefully calibrated shipment timing are crucial to maintaining clinical supply inventories as drug products enter late-stage development. In this Q&A, Philip Johnston, clinical supply lead, discusses best practices for efficient and timely clinical resupply and how to execute successful supply chain strategies.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Specialized Clinical Supply Experts

Having a team of people with expertise in different areas of clinical supply is critical to ensuring the supply chain’s overall suitability and performance. Explore the roles of the project manager, clinical supply manager, and financial project analyst, whose responsibilities contribute to study success.

Clinical Supplies For Japan Studies

Catalent's local team in Japan provides comprehensive services including primary and secondary clinical packaging and labeling, comparator sourcing, cold chain storage, and local and global distribution.

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