Newsletter | December 2, 2020

12.02.20 -- Clinical Trial Insights: Shipping Biologics, Ancillary And Comparator Drug Sourcing

How A Best-Practice Strategy For Sourcing Ancillary Materials Reduced Risk, Spending, And Workload In A Global Diabetes Trial

It’s impossible to run a global clinical trial of an investigational diabetes drug without ancillary materials. And as one leading multinational pharmaceutical company recently learned, managing ancillaries can be a challenge every bit as complex as the trial itself.

Beyond Procurement: A Strategic Approach To Comparator Drug Sourcing

The escalating volume and complexity of global clinical trials have been accompanied by a corresponding increase in the demand for comparator drugs. Comparators are used in clinical trials as a means of establishing that drug candidates are substantially better than established treatments.

Cold Chain Qualification: 5 Questions You Must Ask When Shipping Biologics

“Cold chain” refers to the undisrupted series of logistical activities (packaging, shipping, storage, distribution, handling) for products that must be maintained within a given temperature range. And as those of us in the biopharmaceutical industry know well, maintaining cold chain is critical to the integrity of biologically derived therapeutic products.