Newsletter | August 5, 2022

08.05.22 -- Clinical Trial Software And Service Partners Ready To Help

Prancer RTSM: 100% Configurable & Flexible Randomization And Trial Supply Management Solution

Explore how Prancer RTSM utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting to address the rising complexities and challenges of clinical trials.

CTMS: LifeSphere

LifeSphere CTMS is an easy-to-use trial management solution that helps clinical operations teams accelerate timelines, stay organized and reduce complexity.

Castor DCT

Execute your study with Castor using modular solutions or as a platform package.

Direct Data Capture

The Clinical ink platform enables direct data capture (DDC), clinical outcome assessments (eCOA), patient reported outcomes (ePRO), and eConsent.

Cognizant SIP: Transform Clinical Trials: Efficient, Collaborative, Virtual

Reduce costs, improve investigator experience and accelerate clinical trials with the Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform.

How Can You Transform Clinical Trial Development?

Is siloed, lagging data slowing down your trial analyses and reporting? Step forward with Encapsia, and turn data into knowledge in real-time.


A Comprehensive Solution For Clinical Research

As the industry's leading provider of eSource to EDC integration, explore how CRIO gives you complete control over your clinical data.

Designed For Results

Cytel’s award-winning statistical and predictive software solutions enable clients to make the best possible scientific and strategic decisions for clinical development. Download the available brochure to find out more.

How Tokenization Can Supercharge Your Clinical Trial

Explore how trial tokenization utilizes Datavant’s privacy-protecting linking technology to enable the linkage of real-world data (RWD) to clinical trials at the patient level.

Revolutionize The Way You Conduct Clinical Research

Clinical Conductor CTMS maximizes trial revenue with robust finance management, participant-centric clinical trial management, oversight tools, and more.

The Ultimate Guide For Selecting A Full-Service DCT Vendor

For anyone looking to run a decentralized trial, learn about the fundamental considerations to take into account and why full-service partners are key components to executing successful and efficient DCT studies.

End-To-End Scientific Resources And Expertise For Digital Measures

Explore how the ActiGraph Science Department helps study teams capture meaningful clinical outcome measures, remotely and continuously, using sensor-based Digital Health Technologies (DHTs).