Newsletter | February 24, 2023

02.24.23 -- Clinical Trial Software And Service: Providers Poised To Meet Demand

A Top 10 Clinical Trial Sponsor’s Commitment Drives Global Site Adoption And Process Optimization

A global top 10 pharma sponsor was driven by a need for a provider whose core focus was on patient payments with heightened functionality and centrality. Find out the solution they turned to to solve this need.

Patient First Solutions For Oncology

Medable, Inc's new oncology offering is an end-to-end suite that includes an extensive eCOA library, pre-built and validated DCT applications such as Total Consent and Televisit, and protocol design consulting.

TrialScope Disclose

With TrialScope Disclose, study sponsors streamline and optimize the entire clinical trial disclosure process from initial registration to final results — mitigating risk, maximizing transparency and ultimately moving healthcare forward.

The IQVIA Investigator Site Portal

See why so many companies have standardized their clinical operations on the purpose-built, proven platform that gives sites the power to succeed and sponsors the insights they need to improve performance and compliance.

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

Discover inSeption Group's eTMF success process designed to ensure your critical eTMF documents and content are secure, organized, readily accessible, and always in complete compliance with all relevant regulations.

Randomization And Trial Supply Management Platform

Medrio empowers you to elevate your clinical trial with a Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) platform. 

Unlock Additional Capabilities For Your Next Clinical Trial

Discover a single point of entry for best-in-class eCOA, consent management, and patient engagement solutions.

A Day In The Life Of A Clinical Research Coordinator

Data entry is a big part of everyday life for most CRCs. Discover the data collection process that eliminates entry errors.

Your Clinical Study Data Is In Good Hands

Meet clinical trial deadlines and stay within budget with an effective data management platform.

Rave Clinical Operations

Gain a better understanding of how Medidata’s Rave Clinical Operations product suite supports core clinical operations workflows, and ultimately helps make therapies available to the patients who need them.

Clinical Development

Merative Clinical Development is a unified clinical data management and acquisition platform with customizable modules that can be tailored to the unique needs of your clinical trials.

Diversity In Intelligent Trials

Medidata AI’s Intelligent Trials solution provides insights that allow you to take action to improve study diversity during the planning stages.

Maximize Insights And Effortlessly Manage Clinical Trials With CTMS Master

Connect your trial data sources and gain instant access to key metrics, indicators and reports to effectively manage your trial.