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10.26.22 -- Clinical Trials In APAC: Challenges And Opportunities

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The Benefits Of Randomization And Trial Supply Management

How can a randomization and trial supply management approach to track and trace help improve its efficiency and efficacy? Find out the answer in this white paper.

Imaging For Neuromuscular Disorders In Clinical Trials

In this webinar, learn about the importance of choosing the right imaging modality for clinical trials of neuromuscular disorders.

Is Life Sciences Ready For Post-Pandemic Transformation?

Preparing for the next era of clinical development and therapy commercialization, companies must choose: move forward with innovations spurred by the pandemic, or retrench into default practices.

Prevent Patient Recruitment And Retention Issues With Digital Connections

This article covers what the “patient experience” is in clinical trials, the problems with the patient experience in clinical trials, and four ways digital connections can create a positive patient experience in clinical trials.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: Essential Tips To Avoid Common Pitfalls

The shift to DCTs has numerous advantages. But how can the common pitfalls that come with DCTs be avoided?

Featured Editorial
Industry Insights
Intelligent Automation For The Trial Master File With AI-Driven Applications

At IQVIA, we recognize that the proof of a new technology’s useability occurs when we get past pilots and into production. An example of an in-production capability enhanced by artificial intelligence and used by over 6,000 employees across the globe in multiple languages today is our Intelligent eTMF application.

Making Intelligent Connections Possible: Connected Devices — Better Devices

The demand for connected devices in clinical trials has grown significantly, driven by a need for better, more varied data, and renewed bids to improve the patient experience and reduce the burden for trial sites.

Digital Medicine Society Accelerates Recruitment And Results With eConsent

Find out how the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), an interdisciplinary professional society for digital medicine, was able to deploy an eConsent module in less than two weeks to support its remote study to assess nocturnal scratching as an endpoint for patients.

A Roadmap For Early Planning And Development

In this e-book, explore the perspective on five of the most significant aspects of early planning to help biotechs bring new treatments to the patients who need them.

Modern Technologies Transforming Clinical Development In The APAC Region

In this white paper, gain insight into how the Asia Pacific region, with its rapid growth of clinical trials, presents a great opportunity for conducting clinical research and has become the preferred destination for DCTs.

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Safety As A Science: Analytics For Trial Safety And Pharmacovigilance

Clinical trials can expose both predicted and unexpected safety signals. Surveillance must therefore look beyond expected adverse events to detect possible safety signals.

Enhancing Decentralized Clinical Trials Through Advanced Digital Platforms

The central goal of decentralized clinical trials is to ease the patient burden and maximize participation — and innovations in digital platforms and technology offer an entirely new level of empowerment and engagement in implementing a decentralized trial.

Ancillary Supplies: Clinical Trial Must-Haves That Require Early Planning

Janet Williams, senior director, global supply chain management, and Julie Hoffman, senior director of commercial strategy and execution, discuss why ancillaries are as essential as IMPs, and why sponsors should devote as much attention to early planning for ancillary supplies as they do for study drugs.

What Does The “Current” In Current Good Manufacturing Processes Mean?

Manufacturers with aging facilities and technology are certainly in danger of being found by inspectors to not meet the requirement to remain “current” under cGMPs.

Establishing A Foundation For A Holistic RBQM Strategy

This paper highlights why the industry is moving toward RBQM and how sponsors can build a scalable approach that protects trial participants, upholds study integrity, and increases operational efficiencies.

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