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11.27.19 -- Collaborating With Patients: 3 Key Considerations For Drug Sponsors

Focus On Patients
Collaborating With Patients: 3 Key Considerations For Drug Sponsors
By Mary Elmer, executive director, Patient, Caregiver, and Consumer Experience, Merck & Co., Inc.

Historically, patient involvement has been vital in the design and execution of clinical trials, but in recent years there has been an increased desire to engage patients from start to finish during the drug development process. Today, patients are empowered by technological advances that have given them access to more information than ever before, especially regarding diseases and drug development.

Hybrid Decentralized Trials: Using Technology To Create More Patient-Centric Studies
By Dan Milam, VP, Global Engagement, Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)

While it is not a new trend, the spotlight on digital innovation has grown brighter over the last year, with executives from all sides of the clinical research industry seeking technology solutions to improve the clinical trial experience for sites and patients alike. It was a recurring theme at this year’s Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Global Site Solutions Summit, with several sessions that addressed technological advancement and attendee feedback requesting more discussion on the topic at future Summits.

Industry Insights
Reservations Held By Referring Physicians In Clinical Trials
Article | By Jennifer Dennis-Wall, Ph.D., Biorasi

Some physicians are reluctant to participate in clinical trials as a referring physician. This is a huge issue because a large portion of participants can come directly from a referring physician’s office. Christina Norris, VP of clinical operations at Benchworks and a specialist in planning, developing, and executing patient recruitment programs for clinical trials, offers possible solutions for this problem.

What To Look For When Selecting An Investigator Payment Solution
Article | By Dave Hine, Greenphire

Many times sponsors go with a site payment solution they thought would work — only to find out the "automation" is not so automatic — that customer support is outsourced, spreadsheets still need to be emailed back and forth and sites are still calling asking questions. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing to implement investigator payment technology to avoid this situation.

U.S. Clinical Labels 101: Steps To Ensure Accuracy
Article | Ropack Pharma Solutions

Determining a drug candidate’s probability of commercial success is a most significant phase in the drug development process. There is no room for error.

Comparator Sourcing In Emerging Markets: Look Before You Leap
Article | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The broad appeal of emerging markets for comparator sourcing is offset by the innumerable challenges that can arise in such regions. But companies can minimize risks and avoid common pitfalls.

The Impact Of mHealth Technologies On Clinical Trial Spending
Infographic | ISR Reports

In Q3 2018 ISR asked 48 users of mHealth technologies whether they anticipate changes in their companies’ clinical trials expenditure due to incorporating mHealth technologies into clinical trials. The data shows that more than four out of five respondents believe there will be an increase in spending in the coming 12 months.

Real-World Data Expanding Into Label Expansion
Podcast | DIA

Where is real-world data providing evidence that impacts therapeutic product development? “We're learning that, right now, the near-term uses are probably around label expansion and around providing information on new populations that's valuable but wasn't captured in randomized clinical trials or could not be captured in those trials,” explains Nicole Mahoney, senior director, regulatory policy, for Flatiron Health.

5 Myths About Patient-Facing Technologies In Clinical Research
Webinar | Signant Health

In clinical research, patient experience is paramount. As new methodologies enter the clinical trial sphere it’s tricky to know which technologies are right for your team and allow for a smoother trial experience for participants. Our new webinar explores misconceptions surrounding technologies such as wearables and eConsent with industry experts, helping you make informed decisions to improve your trial success.

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