Newsletter | November 30, 2020

11.30.20 -- Connect The Data To Increase Your Probability Of Success

Synthetic Control Arm In Clinical Trials

This white paper discusses the concept of the Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA®), which is a type of external control that is generated using patient-level data from patients external to the trial with the goal of improving the interpretation of uncontrolled trials, which can enable better product development decisions. A series of case studies are provided to highlight the different ways an SCA® has been us.

Making Precision Medicine A Reality In Clinical Development, Discovery, And Beyond

This video illustrates how real-world data (RWD), translational data, and a clinical trial repository (20,000+ trials, 6M patients) are combined with machine learning to improve value for patients, regulators, and payers. Additionally, cases that support trial design of oncology therapies that include synthetic controls, endpoint mapping, and identification of omics-based responders are presented.

When Clinical Trials Meet The Real World: Bridging The Experimental And Post-Launch Divide With Data Integration

Real-world evidence and pooled clinical trial data are becoming increasingly available, linkable, and minable to find valuable insights quickly. As we evolve into a new era of data integration, biopharma companies stand to benefit enormously from bridging the experimental and post-launch worlds of clinical data to support the entire product life cycle.