Newsletter | October 13, 2021

10.13.21 -- Considerations For CRO Selection

CRO Selection Taken Seriously

Industry Standard Research (ISR) asked over 500 clinical-development outsourcers their level of agreement with the statement: My organization’s mix of CROs is not likely to change much in the next two years. This article not only offers insight into their responses, but also what is important to sponsors when looking to outsource clinical development work.

2021 CRO Leadership Awards — Exceeding Customer Expectations

The vetting process for selecting outsourcing partners is time consuming and complex. To support the process, Life Science Leader and Clinical Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards. Winning CROs are chosen through impartial market research based on feedback from sponsor companies that utilize outsourcing services.

Company Size And PPAs — Peeling The Layers Of Phase II/III Service Provider Selection

If only there were an easy button for services provider selection. This process continues to evolve and grow in complexity as clinical trials do the same. Layer in factors such as company size and preferred provider agreements (PPAs) and you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed by provider options and service offerings.

Finding A Glass Slipper Services Provider To Fit Your Phase II/III Outsourcing Needs

It’s Monday morning. The office is buzzing with chatter about the new clinical trial your company is going to sponsor. It’s a big one, but the checklist of niche needs is long, including a complex indication, specialized patient recruitment, and risk-based monitoring. You have some ideas about which CROs you think would fit the bill for outsourcing needs, but it will be a difficult decision. And so, the provider selection process begins

What To Prioritize When Selecting A Phase 1 CRO

A critical factor when examining services provider selection is the existence of preferred provider agreements. Keeping this in mind, ISR asks respondents to share their selection criteria in a way that demonstrates these agreements’ impacts on the decision-making process.