Newsletter | September 18, 2023

09.18.23 -- Conversion Rates + Patient Personas = Better Enrollment


Q&A About Bristol Myers Squibb’s Consolidated Site Payments Strategy

How do payment systems affect site-sponsor relationships? George Kourtsounis of Bristol Myers Squibb and Casey Orvin of CenExel Clinical Research lend their expertise to this question and more.

3 Best Practices For Site Success

Gain insight from this collection of indispensable best practices designed to serve as a blueprint for achieving resounding success at the site level.

Expediting Site Activation With TI Study Start-Up

Discover how Trial Interactive's adaptable application uses process automation, obstacle resolution, timeline forecasting, and streamlined regulatory submission procedures to expedite site activation.

Genomics Lab Provides Global Harmonized Testing, Research Services

Dive into the capabilities of this genomics laboratory, from early discovery and biomarker development to late-phase trials and companion diagnostics.


The Dos and Don’ts Of Patient Centricity

New, exciting methodologies such as DCTs and wearables can improve patient centricity, but only when participants’ lifestyles and preferences are kept in mind.

Why Prioritizing Patients Changes How Study Teams Approach DHTs

Participants are the top contributing factor to the success of remote digital health technology assessments. Consider these insights when using DHTs to support patient-centered drug development.


Pairing Conversion Rates With Patient Personas To Better Understand Enrollment Challenges

Patient recruitment doesn't come easy. To help, consider creating patient personas to help understand patient needs and motivations. Nooma Group Managing Partner Tirrell Payton explains how patient personas and conversion rates can help guide you in understanding your target patient populations and potential barriers to their recruitment.

How Advocacy Groups Motivate, Mobilize Participants In Trials

Patient advocacy groups can play a key role in educating patients about ― and ultimately enrolling them in ― clinical trials. Learn why these groups are trusted sources among community members.

Optimizing The Rare Disease Patient Experience

Pam Cusick of Rare Patient Voice provides valuable insights into rare disease participant needs and ways to optimize clinical trials for enrollment and retention.

A Nimble And Flexible Solution To Rescuing An Observational Study

Uncover how a European biotech was able to accelerate site start-up and exceed patient recruitment goals at more than 145 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific (APAC).

Digital Front Door Improves Patient And Clinician Satisfaction

Glean insights from this presentation into how sponsors are amplifying patient access and involvement, while simultaneously mitigating clinician exhaustion.

Let's Increase Diversity In Clinical Trials

Witness how Greenphire's ClinCard, an industry-leading participant payment solution, is working to overcome recruitment and retention challenges across the globe.


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