News | June 8, 2011

CRF Health Approved To Use Electronic Version Of SGRQ On TrialSlate Tablet Device

Source: CRF Health, a CRF Bracket Company
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CRF Health received approval to use an electronic version of the St. George Respiratory Questionnaire on its tablet PC based TrialSlate™ devices from instrument developer Professor Paul Jones of St. George's University of London. The TrialSlate™ version can be considered equivalent to the paper version of the questionnaire according to the "Recommendations on Evidence Needed to Support Measurement Equivalence between Electronic and Paper-based Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures: ISPOR ePRO Good Research Practices Task Force Report" which provides guidelines for industry in response to the FDA PRO Guidance.

A study demonstrating the general usability and absence of any major issues with respondents completing the SGRQ on the tablet device was conducted by United BioSource Corporation (UBC) on CRF Health's behalf and the results were summarized in a report.

The electronic version of the SGRQ provides clinical trial managers more flexibility in designing trials along with the many other benefits of using ePRO, including improved compliance, higher quality data, and more efficient clinical trials.

Mary Briggs, VP Global Sales & Marketing, commented, "Gaining these types of approvals from instrument authors and partnering with valued PRO thought leaders to expand the use of technology in clinical trials are two examples of CRF Health's strategy to offer the best services in the global ePRO marketplace."

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SOURCE: CRF Health, a CRF Bracket Company

CRF Health, a CRF Bracket Company