Case Study

CRO Helps To Identify A Highly Productive Location For Siting Future Studies

Source: Premier Research
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In Clinical Trials, Success Isn’t Always Where You Expect It

When does a clinical trial that falls short of its goal still constitute success?

When the experience reveals invaluable lessons in how to avoid a repeat performance – and identifies a highly productive location for siting future studies.

A large, multinational study of a drug to control inflammation in patients with recurring high-grade malignant glioma was in trouble. It had been underway for a year, and its data collection was compromised from the start when a requirement that all MRIs be read at a single facility proved unworkable.

Getting packages through customs

The CRO had no way to electronically transmit these large files to the reader in Canada, making it necessary to send disks through snail mail, wrangling them through customs in countries such as Russia and India. Consequently, delivery was hit and miss – and when Premier Research took over the stalled study, it had a lot of backtracking to do.