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02.17.20 -- CRO Partnering & Collaboration

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CRO Partnering And Collaboration

While CRO selection and partnering may not be a hot and trending topic for some companies, the executives I talk to from the small and midsize companies often list it as one of their biggest challenges. Finding the right CRO, putting the right contract in place, and becoming valued partners for each other is never easy. For everyone who deals with CRO selection and collaboration, we have produced this e-book. The articles included will provide you with the information you need to make better selections, avoid outsourcing mistakes, be a sponsor of choice, and make any partnership work better. I hope you enjoy them.

Industry Insights
Removing Barriers: Reimbursement And Compensation For Participation In Oncology Clinical Trials
White Paper | White Paper | By Dr. Lindsay McNair, M.D., MPH, MSB, WCG

Approximately 20% percent of cancer clinical trials will never be completed, because they fail to enroll enough participants to be able to answer the research question. Read this white paper to learn the impact that participant payments may play on clinical trial recruitment.

5 Critical Steps In Developing Your Clinical Supply Chain
White Paper | By Tracy Chase, manager, Bellwyck Pharma Services

Clinical supply chain planning is imperative, as it allows you to develop a strategy and best practices for quickly and efficiently delivering goods to support all the needs of the trial. But, where do you begin?

Actigraphy For Fibromyalgia
Case Study | By Barry T. Peterson, Ph.D., Philips Respironics

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a neuropathic pain that affects millions of people in the United States. The pain sensations are best measured by recording the patient’s own perceptions (patient-reported outcome), but the related effects of pain on activity and sleep can be measured objectively with actigraphy. Read how actigraphy provides useful insights into the activity patterns in patients with fibromyalgia.

U.S. Clinical Labels 101: Steps To Ensure Accuracy
Article | Ropack Pharma Solutions

Determining a drug candidate’s probability of commercial success is a most significant phase in the drug development process. There is no room for error.

Clinical Trial Packaging: Smart Choices Can Trim Timelines
E-Book | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Establishing an efficient drug packaging strategy for a clinical trial is not often recognized as a potential timesaver, but it should be. A well thought out packaging strategy can significantly cut your clinical trial timelines and increase the likelihood of a successful trial.

Not Just Tiny Humans: Conducting Pediatric Clinical Trials
Webinar | Rho

While we can’t predict the outcome, planning ahead for appropriate site and subject selection will take you one step closer to ensuring the successful conduct of a study. From study design to logistics to recruitment, this webinar will look at the key differences between studies conducted in pediatric populations and studies conducted in adult populations.

On The Forefront: What You Need To Deliver Biomarker Data
Webinar | LabConnect

The incorporation of biomarkers into early drug trials has challenged leading companies to reprioritize innovation and drive quality sample management systems. As clinical development pipelines expand, companies should explore partnerships that will allow for scalability, enabling efficient and improved sample management.

  Chief Medical Officer Summit

April 7 and 8, 2020 | Boston, MA


The 8th annual Chief Medical Officer Summit will attract the largest gathering of physicians in biotech on April 6 and 7, 2020, in Boston. Although the program is primarily designed for CMOs of emerging biotech companies, large pharma CMOs and other R&D decision makers also attend to exchange best practices in drug development and business management.

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