Newsletter | January 24, 2023

01.24.23 -- Decentralized Trial Tech: What Will The Future Hold?


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Clinical Trial Technology
Decentralized Trial Tech: What Will The Future Hold?

The Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) annual meeting was a chance for members of the Alliance to come together to discuss the progress that has been made and what the future holds for the emerging technology. I recently spoke with Craig Lipset, co-chair of DTRA, about the most important themes and takeaways from the meeting.

Moving Beyond Traditional CTMS To Unlock Value In An Outsourced Model

The proliferation of data sources and the rise of outsourced trials has changed how CTMS is defined. What role does a CTMS play in the modern-day clinical trial, and are you future-ready?

The Secret Sauce In Successful Clinical Trial Payments Programs

More than 80% of sites surveyed want to get paid in 30 days, and many clinical technology companies offer specialized software solutions to address the site payments process. However, these systems still require a large effort by the sponsor to operate. What is the secret sauce for success?

DDC Is The Smarter Option For Your Clinical Studies

Learn the fundamental, crucial distinctions between direct data capture and electronic data capture that make a significant impact on clinical research workflows, data quality, and timelines. 

How To Secure Quality Trial Data That Delivers A Return On Investment

Read about the challenges of selecting the right data capture platform, and how getting it right can help clinical teams with quicker decision-making to avoid wasted cost, time, and resources.

Digital Transformation And The Next-Gen Participant Experience

Delve into what an enhanced participant experience actually looks like and how it can be supported with technology in the clinical trial industry.

Perfusion MRI And Other Perfusion Imaging Techniques For Clinical Trials

Read about perfusion imaging techniques and their use for clinical trials, with particular focus on perfusion imaging using DCE-MRI.

Start Small, Dream Big, Succeed Now

IQVIA Asset Maximizer is a comprehensive suite of solutions that intelligently connects best-in-class insights, technology, and expertise to maximize your asset's probability of success in a complex and competitive environment.

Introducing OpenClinica Unite: Your Integrated EHR eSource Solution

Gain insight into how OpenClinica Unite makes it easy for research teams to instantly obtain the data already sitting in the site’s EHR that is needed for the study protocol.

ActiGraph LEAP: A Quantum Leap In Digital Health Technology

The ActiGraph LEAP combines the comfort and ease of a consumer wearable with one of the most advanced and comprehensive sensor collections in the industry.