Newsletter | November 29, 2022

11.29.22 -- Decentralized Trials And Real-World Data

Is Real-World Data The Real Deal?

While real-world data has shown tremendous potential since it was first cleared for use by the FDA in 2016, its role in trials today often remains more aspirational than actual. Explore how real-world data, and administrative claims data specifically, is being evaluated to support activities in the clinical development space.

How A Pandemic Pushed The Gas Pedal On Patient Centricity In Clinical Trials

For years, clinical research trial protocols rarely thought about the patient experience as an element to inform the study design. Discover why clinical trials are now becoming more participant-friendly (and more provider-friendly) through the broader adoption of digital technologies.

Five Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Real-World Data Provider

The key to leveraging real-world data effectively is to align your data sources with your trial design. Learn why finding the right data begins with finding the right data partner.

Decentralized Clinical Trials Are Closer Than You Think

The strength of decentralized clinical trials lies in providing clinical trial developers with the opportunity to create more user-centric designs quickly and effectively. Discover the benefits of incorporating DCT processes into your workflow, even when using a fully on-site model.

The Future Of Real-World Evidence Generation

There are many different elements to complete and curve balls to dodge when taking a treatment/drug/device to market that require precision and accuracy. You need insights to make informed decisions during the discovery, development, and commercialization steps in the process.

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