Newsletter | November 7, 2019

11.07.19 -- Dermatology Trials: Considerations For Biotechs

Biologics: The Key To Next-Generation Dermatology R&D?

Biologics present new treatment options for dermatology patients who haven’t seen positive results from traditional treatment methods, such as topicals, phototherapy, or traditional drugs. This paper explores the evolution of biologics within the dermatology landscape, with an emphasis on clinical trial considerations for sponsor developing biologic agents.

Objectively Tracking Lesions In Dermatology Clinical Trials

There is an increasing need for objectivity in mapping and analyzing of lesions to create confidence in trial findings, reproducibility, and translation to clinical practice for dermatology sponsors, regulators, and clinicians. This paper examines evolving diagnostic practices coupled with advancing technology and their application to reduce subjectivity in dermatology clinical trials.

Dermatology Clinical Trials RFP Planning Guide

Understanding the primary cost drivers for dermatology clinical studies can be daunting for emerging biopharma companies. This guide was developed to help small dermatology sponsors better understand the nuances of clinical outsourcing from a financial perspective.

Enrollment Surpasses Projections In International Psoriasis Studies

A leading global pharmaceutical company needed to support four international Phase III biologic studies in moderate to severe psoriasis. Successful patient recruitment strategies in 13 countries, where some are unfamiliar with advertising, surpassed enrollment projections.