DIA Upcoming Face-To-Face Trainings And Online Learning

Source: DIA

Looking for more on drug safety and pharmacovigilance around the world? DIA provides upcoming face-to-face trainings and online learning!

Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference
Washington, DC | January 26: Short Courses
• Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Planning
• Interdisciplinary Safety Evaluation During Product Development
• Reference Safety Information
• Introduction to Statistics in Pharmacovigilance
• Pharmacovigilance for Medication Errors
January 27-29: Conference

Joint MEB/DIA Excellence in Pharmacovigilance
Amsterdam, Netherlands | March 2-6

Brussels, Belgium | March 17-19

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Across the Product Lifecycle
Bethesda, MD | March 23-25

Signal Management in Pharmacovigilance
Munich, DE | April 21-22

The Pharmacovigilance Quality Management System
Munich, DE | April 23-24

Pharmacovigilance Strategies Workshop
London, UK | May 5-6

Future of Pharmacovigilance in the UK Workshop
London, UK | May 7

2020 DIA China Annual Meeting
Suzhou, China | May 20-23

DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting
Washington, DC | June 14-18

Clinical Statistics for Nonstatisticians
Boston, MA | August 17-18

The Pharmacovigilance Quality Management System
Boston, MA | August 17-18

Global QPPV Forum
Amsterdam, NL | October 7-8

Drug Safety eLearning Program

Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program