White Paper

Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline In Today's Competitive Era

Source: Ciox Health - Life Sciences

By Ciox CEO Paul Roma, Chief Digital Officer Florian Quarre, and VP of Life Sciences Julie Krommenhoek

Big pharma is increasingly doubling down on bets to develop new blockbuster cancer drugs.  Currently, approximately 700 organizations have one or more oncology drugs in late-stage development, and 14 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are focusing at least one-third of their late-stage R&D activity on oncology.

With cancer treatments advancing and new innovative treatment types being introduced at warp speed, it’s no wonder oncology continues to remain the most dominant therapy segment, with annual cancer spending rising to $133 billion in 2017. Spend on cancer drugs in the U.S. has doubled since 2012 and reached almost $50 billion in 2017.

Advances in cancer treatment are occurring rapidly, with more patients surviving cancer than ever before. Patients are receiving the benefits of oncology experts utilizing the most innovative, life-extending therapies that are getting approvals and indication expansions in record time.

With the advent of new immunotherapies and CAR-T / gene therapies, oncology is witnessing an unprecedented era of treatment and care.

With novel therapies being launched there is a shift in data and evidence requirements as well. How can you be sure you are keeping up with the real-world evidence demands?