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11.16.22 -- Digital Solutions Top List of Life Science Trends


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Trial Management
Key Learnings To Optimize Clinical Trials During COVID-19

Designing and conducting trials during the COVID-19 global pandemic forced clinical teams to be creative, to explore the use of technology, and to design a trial that meets the participants where they are — without compromising outcomes. 

Smart Packaging In Clinical Trials: The Power Of Adherence Data

Individual data points over time can provide precise drug dosing histories that enable better understanding of protocol adherence, safety, efficacy, PK/PD, and a drug’s exposure-response relationship.

Tips For Overcoming Today's Drug Supply Challenges Through Technology

In this webinar, explore how to manage a supply chain through IRT with self-service tools and actionable insights as well as best practices for supply forecasting and overstock management.

Natural History Studies: Understanding Their Value In Rare Diseases

Registry and natural history studies can be very important to the clinical development of therapeutics in rare diseases. To accommodate these advances in knowledge, study design flexibility is a must.

Plain Language Summary Of Clinical Trial Results: A Critical Tool

This checklist will help guide your PLS development strategy and maximize team efficiencies to create a robust, long-term workflow that works for you and meets your timelines. 

The Basics Of A Clinical Trial

This blog reviews the basics of a clinical trial: what they are, where they fit in the wider drug development sequence, and all the things that go into them.

The ABCs Of Transitioning PK Assays From Preclinical To Clinical

Ensuring a seamless transition from preclinical to clinical stages in large molecule bioanalysis will help you reach crucial trial milestones on time and within budget. However, optimizing pharmacokinetics (PK) assays to bridge the preclinical-to-clinical gap requires some finesse.

Who Needs Clinical Supply Chain Management Optimization

While sponsors rely on efficient study design, planning, and execution to get their products to market, discover how logistical challenges almost always make it difficult to ensure that sites are prepared for their patients.

Dedicated Expertise In Your Fight Against Blood Cancers

At IQVIA Biotech, our extensive oncology expertise, coupled with the ability to leverage IQVIA’s vast data, technology, and analytics resources, creates a clinical development partner perfect for you. You want to get your treatments to the right patients.

PCI Clinical Trial Services

PCI is committed to supporting clients at every stage of the clinical cycle, delivering best-in-class services efficiently and effectively. We deliver a seamless clinical service including pharmaceutical development, clinical manufacturing, labeling, storage, and distribution.

Webinar: Optimizing Clinical Supply Chain Management

The complexity of today’s clinical trials creates logistical challenges for clinical operations teams that result in a variety of problems. In this webinar, clinical operations teams, project managers, and clinical research coordinators will learn best practices to optimize clinical supply chain management. Click here to learn more.

Decentralized Trials
Digital Solutions, Technology, And Patient Care Top Life Sciences Trends

Technology company Within3 has produced a paper on the six top trends that are going to impact the pharmaceutical space. It’s no surprise that technology solutions were one of the trends making the list, but also included were factors such as patients, cyberthreats, and a growing global marketplace.

Understanding And Defining Technology Elements Of Decentralized Trials

The Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) has released a glossary defining many of the commonly used terms in the decentralized clinical research space. The FDA continues to release updated guidelines and recommendations for best practices and terminologies within the DCT industry. 

Enhance Decentralized Clinical Trials For Rare Disease Patients

Learn about the importance of enhancing decentralized clinical trial design, planning, and implementation for rare disease patients to ensure these patients and families find answers to unlocking that next gateway in their journey to health.

DCT Is Not The Goal, Just The Means

Learn more about the role of DCTs with a deep dive into an oncology case study as well as a pediatric case study, discussing the role of flexibility to support the DCT format.

Understanding Options In Direct-To-Patient Clinical Supply

Direct-to-patient clinical supply enables clinical trial participants to receive their treatments in the convenience and comfort of their own home and reduces, or even eliminates, the need to travel to a clinical site.

Applying Consumer Engagement Strategies To eClinical Technology

When it comes to patient engagement, the experience and technology gaps apparent in the clinical trial space have resulted in a lag for virtual technologies that offer comparable functionality to those pioneered by other sectors.