White Paper

Don't Settle For Less. Redefining The Core And Scope Of Study Startup

Source: Oracle Health Sciences
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Technology designed to improve study startup is at the forefront of expanding this niche through initiatives that drill down to the granular level, which helps identify potential bottlenecks and other factors that could derail studies.

With nearly half of clinical trial costs unaccounted for, including known administrative costs, and much of those linked to study startup, it is telling that the industry is finally moving toward identifying those costs with the help of purpose-built tools that can determine, with a high degree of accuracy, when it is time to stop identifying sites.

This change in approach will continue to highlight how improving the study startup process is a great opportunity, yielding a major impact on quality, timeline and overall cost of clinical trials.

This white paper focuses on defining and expanding the definition of study startup, an element of clinical trials that is gaining attention because it offers the greatest opportunity to improve quality while compressing clinical trial timelines.