Article | January 26, 2018

Driving Patient Engagement In Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Research To Achieve Trial Success

Source: Worldwide Clinical Trials

By Barbara Zupancic, Director, Patient Recruitment and Retention at Worldwide Clinical Trials

Driving Patient Engagement in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research to Achieve Trial Success

Worldwide, around 47 million people have dementia, and there are 9.9 million new cases every year, according to recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO)1. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia and may contribute to 60–70% of cases.

Despite the expected prevalence of the disease as the population ages, relatively few studies of AD therapeutics are undertaken2. A review of the global registry and results database showed 413 AD trials were performed from 2002-2012. A very high attrition rate was found, with an overall success rate of 0.4% (99.6% failure).

Here, Worldwide Clinical Trials’ Director of Patient Recruitment and Retention, Barbara Zupancic, discusses best practices for developing and implementing a patient-centered approach to AD clinical research. Using the right channels and messaging to speed recruitment and provide lasting engagement can improve study success rates.