Datasheet | February 13, 2012

Dry Blood Spot Analysis Datasheet

Source: ICON

ICON offers dry blood spot analysis as a convenient and practical solution when sampling from populations where sample volume is at a premium or where analyte stability is an issue. Our bioanalytical laboratories support this sampling technique in both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

The most commonly used application to date is sampling in pre-clinical studies. The technique allows serial sampling from the same animal thereby improving the quality of data obtained and reducing the numbers of animals required. Not only is this ethnically desirable, it also offers significant cost savings in pre-clinical studies. Clinically the technique has real potential to improve the designs of pediatric studies. The ease and practicality of the sampling technique can improve design and reduce costs of sampling and sample shipments in studies in challenging populations (EBR Discovery Technology, April 2010- ‘Minimising Volume, Maximising Return' Sally Hannam, John Allinson and Ray Briggs).