Newsletter | November 7, 2022

11.07.22 -- eConsent For Complex Trial Designs And Therapeutic Areas

How To Deliver Highly Engaging Informed Consent For Better Study Outcomes

Master protocol design trials require an endless stream of consent forms, adding time, cost, and risk to each study. A feature-rich electronic consent platform can simplify those processes and improve patient engagement along the way.

Going Global With eConsent

Many pharmaceutical companies have become increasingly frustrated with the paper consent form process and the undue burden it placed on patients. Scott Askin explains why Novartis, determined to improve the patient experience, has begun to deploy eConsent and what they’ve learned along the way.

eConsent: The Missing Ingredient To More Engaging Clinical Trials

Electronic informed consent (eConsent) platforms are among the most advantageous clinical technology products that sponsors and sites can add to their operations. Why then are many sites and sponsors still wary of giving up their paper-based past?

Protocol Amendments And Electronic Consent: Overcoming The Challenges To Reap The Benefits

Protocol amendments are inevitable, and unfortunately, they are one of the greatest sources of deviations in a trial. Every time an amendment occurs, each clinical trial participant must consent to the change. Learn how deploying electronic consent has provided measurable benefits in diverse trial types around the world.

IQVIA Complete Consent

IQVIA Complete Consent combines a friendly, feature-rich technology platform that patients and sites are eager to use with the powerful, scalable, operational infrastructure that sponsors need to make global implementations successful.

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Deploy eConsent Around The World With Confidence

IQVIA Complete Consent provides an easy, secure way to deliver highly engaging, regulatory compliant electronic consent for trials of all types.

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