Case Study

Efficient Mid-Study Changes: A Case Study With DataFlex

Source: Medrio

DataFlex Solutions, a contract research organization (CRO), uses a dynamic, flexible, remote based model with efficient use of standards and cutting edge reporting tools to provide cost effective and innovative solutions to clients.

Frustrated with their outdated EDC solutions, DataFlex’s founder and Senior Clinical Data Manager, Tom Andor, initiated a search for an EDC solution to meet their phase I study needs. Andor’s team looked at various systems that would save money while allowing maximum control of their database.

DataFlex ultimately turned to Medrio’s CloudEDC™ to fulfill their phase I study needs. Most importantly, Medrio allowed DataFlex to easily deploy mid study changes while keeping trial timelines on schedule and budgets in check. Using Medrio’s software, which requires no programming, DataFlex data managers could build and manage their studies efficiently, program edit checks with ease, and deploy mid-study changes in hours.