Webinar | June 21, 2017

Electronic Informed Consent: 2017 Industry Survey

Source: CRF Health, a CRF Bracket Company

Presenters: Naor Chazan, Director of Marketing (but no longer with the company, FYI) and Sandra “SAM” Sather, Quality and Regulatory, TrialConsent) CRF Health's State of eConsent 2017 Report surveyed 100 biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO, and IRB organizations who shared their opinions on Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent). During this webinar, industry expert, Sandra "Sam" Sather, Regulatory and Quality Lead for TrialConsentTM at CRF Health, discusses the results.

Find out why 82% of pharmaceutical companies are projected to adopt eConsent by 2020. Other survey benchmarks measured and discussed during the webinar include:

  •    Factors Driving the Adoption of eConsent
  •    Electronic Design and Deployment Functionalities
  •    Participant Engagement Benefits with eConsent
  •    Reporting and Analytics Advancements
  •    Top Rated eConsent Benefits
  •    ROI of eConsent in Clinical Trials

CRF Health, a CRF Bracket Company