Newsletter | April 6, 2021

04.06.21 -- Empowering Today's Patients To Help Tomorrow's

Empowering Today’s Patients To Help Tomorrow’s

As Johnson & Johnson's chief medical officer, Dr. Joanne Waldstreicher is responsible for the company’s collaborations in ethical science, technology, and R&D policies, including those related to clinical trial transparency and compassionate access. “When you ask people why they’re participating in a clinical trial, a big part of it is to benefit themselves; they might have a condition or a disease where they’re looking for a new treatment option,” she explains. “But a very large part of their motivation is to contribute to medical knowledge that will advance or help care for a future patient.”

Will New Technologies Accelerate Approval Of New Therapies?

Can new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, “bots,” and other digital tools, help accelerate the pace of development and approval of new therapies? This overview looks at the potential impact of new technologies and the necessary steps to leverage them.

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