Case Study

Enrollment Surpasses Projections In International Psoriasis Studies

Source: IQVIA Biotech
Clinical Leader-Enrollment Psoriasis-CaseStudy-October


A leading global pharmaceutical company selected IQVIA™ Biotech to support four large, international Phase III biologic studies in moderate to severe psoriasis. IQVIA Biotech’s dermatology team was selected because of its proven patient recruitment process with a record of enrollment that could save the sponsor time and money.


IQVIA Biotech’s objective was 27% of enrollment per recruitment management participating site while each site was expected to achieve the majority 73% of enrollment. Outside of the United States (U.S.) and Canada (CA), advertising as a means of recruitment for clinical trials is not widely accepted. Also, as most European Union (EU) and rest-of-world (ROW) countries have socialized healthcare, people are less likely to participate in clinical trials. IQVIA Biotech was asked to provide advertising support in countries that may never have used mass media to support patient enrollment in clinical trials. Obstacles that IQVIA Biotech had to overcome included reluctant regulatory authorities, skeptical investigators who initially saw recruitment advertising in opposition to their professional ethics, and a public in each country that had little or no knowledge or experience with recruitment advertising for clinical trials.