Rave Patient Cloud®

Source: Medidata Solutions

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Rave Patient Cloud is the mHealth solution that captures data from apps and wearable sensors to accelerate patient-centric clinical research. Using Patient Cloud, studies can capture a richer, more complete dataset, improve the patient experience and run more efficient trials. By “instrumenting” patients with sensors, wearables and apps, researchers gain a better understanding of patient outcomes, from response to therapy to the potential for digital biomarkers. As part of the Medidata Clinical Cloud®, Patient Cloud offers unprecedented visibility into the patient experience, providing researchers with nuanced insight into patients’ progress and the safety and efficacy of therapies.

  • Comprehensive ecosystem of apps and sensors- Quick and easy access to technology is an important consideration for every mHealth-enabled trial. Medidata Patient Cloud’s comprehensive ecosystem of apps and sensors is designed to meet these needs. Patient Cloud enables patient data collection through an electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) app for Android and iOS devices and a software development kit (SDK) to support additional mobile apps. Setting up an mHealth-enabled trial, capturing and accessing data are further simplified by Patient Cloud’s pre-integrated access to over 200 sensors.
  • Clinically relevant, reliable mHealth data- Medidata understands the importance of moving your trials safely and efficiently through regulatory pathways to market. For this reason, we’ve ensured that the data aggregators have secure authentication; that data ingestion and cloud storage is scalable and flexible for your trial’s needs; and that there is a complete, unified audit trail that meets regulatory standards. So even though you will receive rapid delivery of your clinical mHealth data, the way you receive it will always be safe and compliant with regulations.
  • Unified data and deep operational insights- We enable seamless integration with clinical data in the Medidata Clinical Cloud, expertise in implementation of apps and sensors as well as visualization dashboards and analytics to provide key clinical trial insights.