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5.23.12 -- Ever Considered Mobile Nursing For Your Clinical Trials?

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Ever Considered Mobile Nursing For Your Clinical Trials?
Mobile nursing for a clinical trial is performed by a qualified nurse at an alternate location (home, office, vacation), requiring the same data quality and subject safety as on-site visits. By offering mobile visits for clinical trials, the site can see improvement in patient recruitment, patient retention and compliance, expanded geographic reach, and increased subject convenience.
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Global Call Centers For Life Sciences
When we think of call centers, images of the past tend to come to mind. We are reminded of the switchboard ladies in Mad Men or outsourced client service centers where operators may not have the right linguistic or industry-specific knowledge to fully assist the customer. Read more.

Social Media And Clinical Trials: Are We Ready?
A key success factor for any clinical trial is the management of the investigator sites, starting with site recruitment all the way through site closeout, and with one-third of trial sites failing to recruit even a single patient, encouraging the sites to begin enrollment and maintain a focus on your trial has to become a primary focus.  Read more.

The Development Safety Update Report (DSUR): Perspectives And Experiences
Periodic analysis of safety information is crucial to the ongoing assessment of risk to trial subjects as well as to understand the benefit-risk of any medicinal product. A Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR) fulfils national and regional requirements for periodic reporting on the safety of approved drugs. Read more.

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Allegro CTMS
Forte Research Systems developed Allegro CTMS@Network for site management organizations, trial management organizations, and investigator site networks. Only Allegro CTMS@Network provides a solution tailored to the unique challenges they face. Read more.
eSense enables researchers to collect and evaluate physiological patient measurements together with electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs). Read more.
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