Newsletter | December 5, 2022

12.05.22 -- Facilitating Good Clinical Data Review In Your Clinical Trial

Facilitating Good Clinical Data Review In Your Clinical Trial

With new kinds of data, biopharma companies will face increasing needs for software that overcomes challenges from data analysis to overall company performance and product quality. Create a system based on connectivity and automation, aggregated and usable data, flexible analysis, and collaborative data review methods by centralizing analysis and communications.

Maximizing Clinical Data Insights With Advanced Analytics Platforms

To achieve new drug approval, trials must collect, combine, and analyze diverse data sets that support operational, safety review, risk management, and other analyses crucial to drug development. Data aggregation, automation, and visualization not only accelerate trial data analysis, but illuminate insights that are hidden by traditional data review processes.

Empowering Clinical Trial Sponsors With Analytics

Making quick and accurate decisions during a clinical trial is critical. Examine data challenges faced by sponsors, along with the underlying problems driving them. Learn about fast and flexible new processes and solutions designed to help overcome obstacles by serving sponsors’ ever-increasing need to analyze complex data.

The Evolution Of The Modern Medical Monitor

Nearly every clinical trial includes a medical monitor. Discover what distinguishes the modern medical monitor from its more traditional predecessor. Learn how to identify, hire, and empower someone in this emerging role to help your next study proceed toward submission more productively, and with greater data integrity, than ever before.

Exploratory Data Analysis And Safety Assessment In Preclinical And Clinical Studies

Exploratory data analysis is performed at different levels in the research and development environment. Implementing a solution that creates a workflow for exploratory clinical safety data analysis grants access to interactive graphical data exploration that provides an efficient, powerful, and flexible tool to improve detection and systematic safety signal assessments.

Signals Line Listing Review

The complexity and volume of data being generated requires a real-time solution that enables faster decision-making for medical monitors and others working with clinical data. Learn how this review enables clinical study teams to review, query, and track their line listing status in a collaborative, centralized, and scalable environment.

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