Newsletter | May 13, 2022

05.13.22 -- From eTMF To Decentralized Trial Solutions - Clinical Trial Software and Services

eConsent: Optimize Access

Learn how to optimize patient access to clinical research with a modern eConsent platform that delivers an engaging, flexible and scalable user experience.

Unlock The Power Of Your Decentralized Studies

Discover how THREAD can unlock the power of your decentralized trails in the available brochure.

PhlexTMF+: Full-Service TMF Management

PhlexTMF+ provides a one-stop, full-service solution that encompasses all the software and services required for effective TMF management and ongoing inspection-readiness. With PhlexTMF+, life sciences organizations now have ready access to the latest advances in eTMF SaaS software, the world’s leading TMF experts, and process best practices proven to optimize TMF quality, completeness, and timeliness – from a single provider and in one seamless offering.

Vault CTMS For Insourced And Outsourced Trial Management

Leave Excel trackers and legacy CTMS applications behind and upgrade to modern cloud CTMS.

Safety Technology

WCG’s technology-enabled safety solution measurably improves the safety distribution process through leveraging global expertise and proprietary technology, while addressing the three main sources of sponsor frustration.

CTMS Implementation Checklist

This checklist will help prioritize and plan to establish effective processes and streamline global study management from the start.

Reduce Enrollment Risk And Efficiently Meet Global Clinical Trial Timelines

Trialbee is the leading enrollment performance company that empowers clinical researchers to reduce risk, efficiently meet global clinical trial timelines, provide a patient-centric recruitment journey, and lower site burden using a patient matching and an analytics-driven enrollment platform that is driven by data science.

Introducing Sikich Success For Life Sciences

In this brief video, Jim Ingram shares how SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences is helping companies solve their business challenges along their journey to commercialization.

Capturing Quality Clinical Research Data With The Philips Health Band

The Philips Health band is a wrist-worn wearable device that captures clinically relevant, objective, and continuous cardiology, respiratory, sleep, and energy expenditure data. It provides intelligence for active evaluation of therapy support and future patient care.

Therapeutically Driven eCOA Solutions Powered by Advanced Technology

YPrime's eCOA solutions are protocol tailored to meet the unique needs of each therapeutic area.