G3 Bioreactor: Easy Integration With Cell Culture and Fermentation Applications


Finesse has designed its third-generation SmartController bioreactor hardware to be highly configurable and easily adapted to both cell culture and fermentation applications. By leveraging SmartParts components, all G3 controllers have the capability and flexibility required to optimize any process, whether in the laboratory or in a cGMP-compliant manufacturing plant. The G3 control platform incorporates innovative features that enhance the productivity, quality, and reproducibility of batch, fed batch, or perfusion processes.

Upstream process scale-up strategies need not be limited to one bioreactor vendor. G3 SmartControllers have been designed to easily connect to most brands of glass, single-use, or rocker bioreactors without sacrificing the quality of control. G3 systems are modular in design, so the hardware configuration can easily evolve with any process, and integrate additional functionality and third-party peripherals as needed.