Newsletter | February 20, 2023

02.20.23 -- Giving Power To The Patient

eSource Enables Speed, Flexibility, And Higher-Quality Data

A truly integrated eSource solution, including DDC, eCOA, and eConsent, facilitates remote or decentralized clinical trials by ingesting data from multiple sources and consolidating it into a single data set.

Straight From The Source: How Capturing Data Directly Is Transforming Trials

With the right eSource technology, trial data can be aggregated, integrated, and classified to accelerate data analysis for insight-based decisions in real time.

eSource Gives Power To The Patient

eSource technologies allow Sponsors to center trials on patients and their needs as never before. This advancement of clinical trials can thus be based on comprehensive, actionable, patient-centered measures and assessments.

Your EDC Has An Expiration Date: Gradually Investing In Direct Data Capture Is Inevitable

It is time to make the investment — albeit gradually — in newer technology that is suited to capturing data directly from the source, at the moment of inception, and storing it in a flexible eSource ecosystem. 

DDC vs. EDC: Frequently Asked Questions

As the pioneers of DDC, Clinical ink is uniquely positioned to clarify the benefits of DDC over electronic data capture (EDC).

Smarter eCOA With Clinical ink

Deploy a smarter, faster, simpler eCOA with Clinical ink, powered by deep outcomes science expertise across many therapeutic areas.

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